Has your bench plateau'd? Suffering from poor technique or an injury? Then you need to know about this...Get ready to train like a savage and bench better and heavier than ever before.



Introducing the Slingshot. The Slingshot is a great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press, work through an injury, or reinforce proper technique. The idea came about after Mark Bell (Well renowned Competitive Powerlifter) had suffered multiple injuries caused by years of heavy training.

Mark wanted to continue bench pressing through pain while encouraging proper technique and so designed the Slingshot to carry on benching through injury. The effective design allowed Mark to achieve this whilst also improving his technique.


The Slingshot allows it's users to practice using the perfect form whilst simultaneously using more load than they are used to.


Years on, the success of the Slingshot and it's unique design has been phenomenal, and is now used and trusted by 1000's in gyms across the globe. Whether you're a competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter or just enjoy hitting the gym, if you want results, the Slingshot is here to help you up your game. Want in? We've put together a breakdown of each Slingshot to help you find out which one is right for you.



The very first Slingshot created by Mark Bell and still the most popular to date. We recommend that you are lifting more than 100kg for 1 rep to be suitable for the Original Slingshot.



Level 2 elastic ideal for both volume and weight overloading
Allows you to press approximately 10-15% more weight than your max
Moderate support at the bottom of the movement
Trains CNS to maintain proper form under maximal loads
Best used with loads from 100kg and up
Sizes M - 3XL
Available in red & camo







After working with the Original Slingshot for over a year, Mark Bell realised there needed to be a different level of stimulus and assistance. This led to the creation of the Reactive Slingshot, made to be the least assistive Slingshot to allow more versatility in your training. The proprietary material is calibrated to provide critical support for both weighted and body weight movements. The reactive slingshot is suitable for those who are lifting under 100kg for 1 rep.



Level 1 tension elastic ideal for any lifter
Allows you to press approximately 5-10% more weight than your max
Light support at the bottom of the movement
Flexible construction responds well for various exercises
Sizes Small - 3XL
Available in blue & pink 







The Full Boar’s unique design and bold colour is inspired by Mark Bell’s brother and director of Bigger, STronger, Faster – Chris “The Boar” Bell. Chris’s unique mechanics and needs after a serious tricep injury required a Slingshot that engaged earlier and gave more support through the entire range of motion.

It’s made of the same material as the Original Slingshot, but has angled sleeves to fit larger arms. It also engages the weight sooner during the lift, giving the lifter a little more assistance than the original model. The Full Boar Slingshot is suitable for those who are lifting 120kg or over.



Level 3 elastic ideal for support through a longer range of motion
Allows you to press approximately 10-20% more weight than your max
Moderate support at the bottom of the lift sooner than other models
Angled seams on arm cuffs provide maximum comfort
Sizes L - 3XL
Available in yellow







The Mad Dog Slingshot hardcore design was inspired by Mark Bell’s brother Mad Dog Mike. Built to support the strongest benchers, the Mad Dog was designed with input from multiple world record holders and professional athletes resulting in a Slingshot with unparalleled performance.

The Mad Dog Slingshot is double ply and twice as thick as the Original Slingshot. The Mad Dog’s increased tension makes it perfect for lifters working with weights over 180kg. Its dramatic support allows you to handle significantly more than your max, training the nervous system and preparing you for your next PR.



Level 4 elastic ideal for extreme overload
Allows you to press approximately 15-25 % more weight than your max
Maximal support at the bottom of the lift
Double ply material provides increased durability
Sizes L - 3XL
Available in Black