Mark Bell's Slingshot Hip Circle - Designed For Leg Day



Move your workout up a level with the Mark Bell Hip Circle. The ultimate lower body workout accessory used around the globe. Fire up your hips, glutes, build strength, build size, squat better and set new PBs! Gone are the days when you had to warm up with a painful gym band digging into your legs. The Hip Circle was designed to allow you to warm up, whilst sitting securely and comfortably around your legs. 

The Hip Circle is our versatile accessory, and is perfect for a whole range of lower body exercises and movements. As well as using it to warm up, it will also cue you to keep your knees out while Squatting and Sumo Deadlifting. The Hip Circle will help you build the smaller muscle groups in your tough to target hips, eliminating weaknesses and driving you to new PBs. The Hip Circle compliments accessory exercises such as hip thrusters and side steps perfectly, increasing resistance, engaging more muscles and upping the overall intensity of your workout.

Now trusted by 1000's around the world, and with a range to cover all your needs, The Hip Circle is a must have for all strength athletes. Find out about the different Hip circles below, pick yours and watch those gains appear.



The very first Hip Circle designed by Mark Bell. The original expelled the need for painful, elastic bands digging into your legs and took the lower body warm up to a new level. The level 2 elastic makes this Hip Circle ideal for everyone, whether it’s used in warm-ups, squats or your accessory movements.




Great for all lower body movements
Cues athlete to force knees out while Squatting and Sumo Deadlifting
Ideal for any level athlete, from beginner to elite lifter
Sizes Available: M, L, XL (size guide on our website)
Colours Available: Blue & Pink






The 2.0 is designed for those who have outgrown the resistance of the original Hip Circle. Its level 4 elastic is stiffer to provide a higher level of resistance further challenging those glutes and hips to smash PBs. World renowned coaches like Kelly Starrett and Jesse Burdick love using the Hip Circle to cue hip activation in their athletes while Squatting and Sumo Deadlifting. 




Level 4 elastic 
Great for warm ups or dynamic movements
Cues athletes to force their knees out in the Squat and Deadlift
Ideal for lifters who have outgrown the resistance of the original Hip Circle
Sizes Available: Large and XL
Colours Available: Red






This latest design has all the incredible features of the original Hip Circle, but with one crucial difference. The Grippy features tacky rubber strips on its inner, keeping it secure regardless of placement or positioning enabling you to tackle your workouts without shifting or moving up and down your leg. Whether Squatting, Deadlifting or even doing Lunges, the Grippy’s got you covered. 




Level 3 elastic 
Rubber strips on the interior keep the hip circle where you want it
Great for all lower body movements
Sizes available: S/M and L/XL
Colours Available: Black and Orange