Our athlete and ambassador Clare Recommends the STrong Knee Sleeves - Her favourite product form the Slingshot range. Here's what Clare has to say...


"One of my favourite Slingshot products has to be the STrong Knee Sleeves.
Knee sleeves are ideal to use when the knee is vulnerable under heavy loads, such as squats. They’re designed to protect the knee from potential injury and due to the compression element of the product, are great for increasing blood flow to the area, which in turn can help performance, reduce any pain and improve recovery."


"These STrong neoprene sleeves are extremely comfortable and stay exactly where I put them, with no slipping! I can feel the mild compression which warms the area, but the best thing about these is the slight rebound I get at the bottom of a squat movement, which gives me extra confidence in my lifts and has allowed me to push the weight up. You get what you pay for with these as the quality and durability is spot on. If you’re serious about squatting... You need these!"