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New Year, New Products!

We hope you've all had a great Christmas and New Year. December was a record breaking month for us so a big thank you to all our customers. We have some great new Mark Bell Slingshot products available this month:

  • First off we've got the Lilliebridge Record Breaking Knee Wraps. These wraps are quickly becoming the first choice for a lot of the worlds best Raw lifters. Available Now.
  • Secondly we've got the Hammy Band. This works in a similar fashion to the Slingshot Sleeves, it provides compression and support to the thigh to help alleviate hamstring pain during exercise. Available Now.
  • Lastly we've got the latest version of the Slingshot; the Full Boar. This brand new version is a bit stronger than the Original but not as strong as the Maddog. It's also got angled sleeves making it easier to get high on the bicep and more similar to the bio-mechanics of a Raw bench. Available soon.

We expect our first batch of these new products to sell out very quickly so order now to avoid disappointment.

Stay strong.


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