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IYB Guide to Powercast #138 - Max Aita Returns

Powercast #138 sees the return of weightlifting guru and all around strength expert Max Aita. Max gives a fascinating account of his personal experience with the fabled bulgairain system and working directly with Abadzhiev (inventor of the system). 


This episode includes a frank and open discussion about the proliferation of performance enhancing drugs in weightlifting and sport in general. 


Use the guide below to skip to any main areas of interest or just sit back and take in the whole interview.


Point summary (Hours:Minutes:Seconds):


00:02:30 - Silent Mike is missing!

00:07:30 - Max's new project at Team Juggernaut.

00:14:00 - Louie Simmons Weightlifting book.

00:15:50 - The state of US Weightlifting.

00:18:00 - Drugs in Weightlifting.

00:20:30 - Different ethos of other nations.

00:22:00 - Women and drugs.

00:28:00 - Natural athletes beating drug users.

00:30:40 - The complete picture.

00:34:00 - Why doesn't Weightlifting have as many gurus?

00:37:00 - The Bulgarian system and the Russian system.

00:40:00 - The Crossfit influence.

00:46:00 - The Juggernaut team.

00:49:00 - Max's background.

00:57:15 - Max's first coach.

01:01:00 - Moving to California to train and maxing out every day.

01:07:45 - Serious wrist injury.

01:09:00 - Finding Powerlifting.

01:11:45 - Converting his squat for Powerlifting.

01:14:00 - The influence of Boris Sheiko.

01:20:00 - Fighting a heavy bar.

01:24:30 - The set up when he was being trained by Abadzhiev.


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