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IYB Guide to Powercast #131 - Rob and Dana Linn Bailey

For Powercast #131 Mark and the gang were in Los Angeles talking to one of the most well known couples in the Fitness industry. Rob and Dana discuss their journey going back to when they met, through their history together and also their plans and dreams.


It's not quite a rags to riches story but more an example of what can be achieved through hard work, determination and the benefit of finding a job that you love!


Use the guide below to skip to any main areas of interest or just sit back and take in the whole interview.


Point summary (Hours:Minutes:Seconds):


00:06:30 - Living in their warehouse.

00:09:00 - Cars/road racing.

00:11:30 - Their set-up at work.

00:13:30 - How Rob and Dana met.

00:17:00 - How Dana got into working out.

00:20:00 - Dana's first show.

00:24:00 - On-line hate.

00:30:00 - Their first expo.

00:32:30 - Early sponsorship problems.

00:39:30 - The steroid issue and 'prepping natty'.

00:41:00 - Dana's workouts.

00:48:00 - Starting off broke.

01:02:00 - Rob's music 'Beast'.

01:10:30 - What's next?

01:13:30 - Rob and Dana's best lifts.

01:17:55 - Rapid fire questions.






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