When it comes to lifting, preparation is key. Your diet, strategy, training and importantly, but often overlooked, protection. Protecting your body (especially the joints) when lifting allows you to train longer and harder whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Injury recovery and prevention has been a key factor in Mark Bell’s career and innovating to prevent and work around injuries has allowed him and others to progress ahead of their competition whilst setting record after record. After years of constant research and development Mark Bell and his team have developed a range of strength products to help lower the risk of injury across the body whilst simultaneously helping to improve performance, and his range of wraps are no exception.

Wraps are one of the most versatile accessories out there, whether you need compression or support to the knees, wrists, forearms or elbows, wraps will have you covered. Stiffer wraps will assist and safeguard heavy lifters chasing those huge 1RM’s, whilst softer stretchy wraps will work just about anywhere on the body whilst supporting an athlete through the most gruelling and varied range of lifts. To make life easier you’ll find that all of our wrist wraps have an inline loop for securing and adjusting the tightness of the fit. This inline loop is superior to the standard thumb loop found on other wraps as it allows a quicker and tighter fit time after time.

Either way, whether you’re pressing heavy, squatting huge or reppin’ it out, you’ve gotta get wrapped up, get protected and take it to the next level. Our range of wraps have been developed with Champion athletes to deliver the best performing, second to none wraps out there. We’ve put together an overview of our most popular wraps to help you find the right ones for you and your needs!



The clue is in the name! If you’re chasing those numbers for a huge squat, then you need the World Record Knee Wraps. These wraps are designed to be stiffer and tighter than knee sleeves to create the ideal platform to drive out of the bottom of heavy squats. Get them on and you’ll feel the difference – but don’t just take our word for it, they’ve delivered multiple World Records in every weight class. 




Level 4 elastic built to break records
Stiff and durable material
Lengths available: 2.5m and 3.0m
Sold as a pair






These super popular IPF approved wraps have been built to provide the upmost protection to the wrists, in training and in competition. The Gangsta Wraps have helped Champions like Brian Shaw, Tom Kallas and Ben Smith achieve multiple world records and championships in Strongman, Powerlifting and Crossfit.

They can be utilised to provide compression or support and mean you can take care of your wrists and focus on your lifts. Get them on when benching, squatting and pressing to alleviate stress through the joints and lift with confidence.




Level 3 elastic engineered for competition
All variations are IPF approved
Thumb loop sewn flat to the end of wrap allows for use in multiple locations
May be used for support or compression
Lengths available: 20” and 36” from end to end
Available in 5 colours: Blue, Black, Camo, Red and Pink
Sold as a pair







These wraps have been designed with every lifter in mind, our Stretchy Wraps are our most flexible wrap, intended to provide ample wrist support while allowing a free rage of motion. This wrap is great for cross training, weightlifting, bodyweight movements and bodybuilding lifts, making them the perfect all-rounder. If you’re after manoeuvrability and protection, then these wraps are a must for your gym bag.




Level 1 elastic ideal for movements requiring some wrist manoeuvrability
Provides wrist bracing for impact from Olympic style exercise
Stretchy yet durable material allows for both comfort and support
Lengths available: 12” (not including the Velcro)
Sold as a pair






They say necessity is the mother of all invention and the need for a versatile wrap that can be used on nearly any part of the body led to the creation of the Multi-Purpose Wraps. Like the name implies, the Multi-Purpose Wraps are our most adaptable wrap.

These wraps provide crucial support for a variety of movements from squatting to benching and even accessory work. So no matter what you are training, these wraps can easily be worn around your wrist, forearm, elbow or knees to provide much needed support, compression and protection with comfort.




Level 2 elastic material for medium tightness and comfort
Multi-function for versatile use
20” and 26” variations are IPF approved
Lengths available: 20”, 26”, 36”, and 42” not including the velcro
Sold as a pair