Jacked & Tan Ladies Tank

JACKED & TAN 50 Shades of Tan: For women who live to showcase their gainz. For the lifter who says “Ya, I had 3 donuts today. What about it?” By simply... Learn More


Ladies Scoop Muscle T-Shirt - Black

Ladies Scoop Muscle T-Shirt Black Available in sizes S-XL Super soft feel. Relaxed shape. Low cut armholes. 65% polyester/35% viscose.   Size S  M L XL Ladies Size 8/10 12... Learn More


Pink Hip Circle

DYNAMIC LOWER BODY WARMUP The Hip Circle can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up. You will not only get your hips and glutes... Learn More


Pink Reactive Slingshot

MOST VERSATILE SLINGSHOT The Reactive Slingshot is a great tool for all lifters wanting to add pounds to their bench press, work through an injury, or reinforce proper technique. The proprietary material... Learn More


Pink Gangsta Wraps (Sold as a pair)

COMPETITION SUPPORT Our IPF approved Gangsta Wraps utilise a stiffer and more durable material for maximal support. The Gangsta Wraps have helped Champions like Brian Shaw, Tom Kallas and Ben... Learn More


Pink STrong Knee Sleeves (Sold as a pair)

HIGHEST LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE Comparable in strength to a light knee wrap, but with the convenience and comfort of leaving them on throughout the entire workout, these STrong Sleeves have... Learn More


Pink 26” Multi-Purpose Wraps (Sold as a pair)

VERSATILE SUPPORT Like the name implies, the multi-purpose is our most versatile wrap. These provide support for a variety of movements from Squats to Bench and even accessory work. The... Learn More
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Pink Compression Cuff (sold individually)

Compression Cuff (sold individually)   These Cuffs are perfect for anyone who is suffering from elbow, knee or thigh pain when lifting. They provide compression and support to the inflamed area... Learn More


Pink Slingshot Knee Wraps 2.0m (Sold as a pair)

TRAINING PROTECTION The Slingshot Knee Wraps are perfect for athletes looking for protection over performance. This more resilient material conforms to the knee, providing gentle support both at the bottom... Learn More