Our Athletes - Team Slingshot Europe

Jimbo Cooper

COMPETES IN: GPC Powerlifting



He started to get into the gym in 2013 and originally wanted to become a bodybuilder but soon found out that his strength increased so much in such little time and was always told to get into powerlifting. He didn't listen as he was set on his goal of being a bodybuilder and didn't get into powerlifting until 2017. Since then he has done around 8/9 full meets including the Europeans, Worlds, British and Irish pro! He is currently loving it and has been invited to compete at proraw at the Arnold classic in Australia next year! Achievements so far:


  • 335KG Squat -110kg junior world record GPC
  • 230KG Bench -110kg junior world record GPC
  • 875KG Total -110kg junior world record GPC
  • 342.5KG Squat -110kg junior world record WPC
  • 231KG Bench -110kg junior world record WPC
  • 878.5KG Total -110kg junior world record WPC


    Emma Charlotte

    COMPETES IN: Olympic Weightlifting




    Emma is Boss Lady of Strong Girl Army; online coaching and personal training for girls who want to be STRONG - inside and out!
    With a background in competitive swimming, gymnastics and bodybuilding, being strong is just in her blood. She is now focused on building her strength up to compete at Olympic Weightlifting in 2019.
    Looking strong but feeling feminine is something really important to a lot of women and it is really important to Emma. Another passion of Emma’s is the physical strength of pole dancing, where she can use her strong physique - built in the weights room with Slingshot gear - to achieve difficult moves while looking and feeling feminine! 

    Emma is also a retired Bikini Fitness athlete. She competed from 2013-2017 and placed top 3 in every competition she took part in: 


    • UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2013 - 1st
    • UKBFF English Grand Prix 2014 - 3rd
    • UKBFF British Finals 2014 - 3rd 
    • UKBFF Midlands Championship 2015 - 1st
    • IFBB Arnold Classic Madrid 2015 - 2nd
    • UKBFF British Finals 2015 - 1st
    • IFBB Amateur Olympia Liverpool 2015 - 2nd
    • IFBB Arnold Classic Barcelona 2016 - 3rd
    • UKBFF British Finals 2016 - 2nd
    • UKBFF UK Nationals 2017 - 2nd

    “Fitness will give you the gift of strength of mind as well as strength of body.” Emma has overcome many times of adversity through her life and the weights room and fitness in general has always been her place of sanctuary. It has helped her grow in confidence as well as inner strength and reflects in her day-to-day life, by running her own successful business and helping other ladies to feel the same.

    Big loves in her life are her fur babies, heavy metal music and gin #balance.

      Clare Barks

      COMPETES IN: UKBFF Body Fitness

      FAVOURITE PRODUCT: STrong Knee Sleeves



      Clare works as a self employed Personal Trainer. She's always been an active person and has played many sports throughout the years, as well as running marathons and undertaking various other physical challenges, but her passion has always been in the weights room.


      She's been competing since April 2013 as a UKBFF/IFBB Figure Athlete and amongst her achievements so far she has held the title of UKBFF British Champion. She's extremely passionate about the fitness industry and competing has become a complete lifestyle for her. She's highly disciplined and motivated in what she does and loves a challenge! Achievements so far:


      • 3rd Place Southcoast Championships 2013 (Open Class)
      • 5th Place British Championships 2013 (Height Class)
      • 1st Place Stars of Tomorrow 2013 (Height Class)
      • 1st Place UK Nationals 2014 (Open Class)
      • 4th Place English Grand Prix 2014 (Open Class)
      • 4th Place British Championships 2014 (Height Class)
      • 3rd Place UK Nationals 2015 (Open Class)
      • 3rd Place Southcoast Championships 2015 (Open Class)
      • Top 10 IFBB Arnold's Classic, Madrid 2015 (Height Class)
      • 1st Place UKBFF British Championships 2015 (Height Class)
      • Top 15 IFBB Amateur Olympia 2015 (Height Class)
      • Top 15 IFBB Arnold's Classic, Barcelona 2016 (Height Class)
      • 2nd Place UKBFF British Championships 2016 (Height Class)
      • 4th Place IFBB Diamond Cup 2016 (Height Class)

      Sam Bird





      Sam started training with weights on a family holiday at age 14. His dad took him for a workout in the resort gym and he was hooked! Fast forward 4 years and he was at University studying for a degree in Personal Training. Fast forward another 4 years and he was working as a Personal Trainer, it was at this point that he decided to start training towards competing in Physique competitions.


      His first competition was in November 2013 with his partner (and fellow Slingshot athlete, Emma Howie). She qualified for the British Finals and he wasn’t willing to go as a spectator, so the following year he competed in his second Men’s Physique Competition and placed Second, qualifying him for the Finals too! The following year he entered the same show and placed First (2015).


      Most recently Sam made the jump into Natural Bodybuilding and competed with the BNBF last August, placing 2nd in the Open Heavyweight Class. He has decided to take this year off from bodybuilding and have a crack at Powerlifting. Sam has always used the main powerlifting movements as the basis of his workouts but has never really pushed them to their limits and focused on building my strength. So this year Sam signed up to the GBPF and will be entering my first Meet in May! His goal this year will be to work towards a 600kg total. Achievements so far:


      • 2014 UKBFF Men’s Physique 2nd place
      • 2015 UKBFF Men’s Physique 1st place
      • 2016 BNBF Heavy Weight Open Class Bodybuilding 2nd place 

        Anastasia Parikos


        FAVOURITE PRODUCT: Hip Circle



        Ana has been a personal trainer and bikini fitness competitor for many years and she loves it! After winning her debut competition back in 2013, Miami Pro, she has been competing ever since. Rising through the ranks to become a UKBFF champion and working hard to get onto international stages, complete with many trophies to show for it. Including silverware from the Arnold Classic, UKBFF British Finals and IFBB Diamond Cup. She has always been passionate about health and fitness and she feels that being a personal trainer is the best way for her to help and inspire others who want to follow in her footsteps.


        She has a real passion for hard work and she likes to think it is infectious! Ana loves her food and demonstrates that life is all about balance. Who wouldn't want to look great and still manage to enjoy their diet with treats and cheats along the way? It works for her, it makes her stronger and something must be working because she can squat and deadlift over 100kg.


        Katarina Wiemeyer

        COMPETES IN: Olympic Weightlifting


        Katarina found Olympic weightlifting through Crossfit in 2012; which completely changed her view on fitness, training and nutrition. Once she started focusing her training on the Olympic Lifts and getting strong, she knew she had found her sport. She has been competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2015, during which time she has competed in 2 English Championships and placed 5th in the 2016 British Championships.


        She is Crossfit and British Weightlifting certified and enjoys both coaching and helping other people to see the benefits of getting involved in strength sports. She follows a strict nutrition and training programme that is based around the competition calendar. This ensures there is time for focused and intense training whilst following a strict diet, but also time for fun, enjoying food and getting strong.