Extreme "X" Elbow Sleeves

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The all-new Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are the stiffest elbow sleeves on the market. The specialty fabric front panel allows for minimal stretch and maximal support. These sleeves offer next level support and can be used for increasing strength - providing you with the strongest rebound under maximal weight, no matter the sport. 

The Extreme “X” Elbow Sleeves are recommended for experienced lifters. Due to the nature of the material and length, these sleeves will be more difficult to put on in comparison to the Strong Elbow Sleeves.

Size Flexed Bicep (in)
S Under 11 in
M 11.5 - 13 in
L 13.5 - 15 in
XL 15 - 16.5 in
2XL 17 - 18.5 in
3XL 19 - 20.5 in
4XL 21 - 22.5 in
5XL 23 - 24.5 in
*Measure around the center of your flexed bicep. When in doubt go 1 size up. *Note: If you have large forearms we recommend going up 1 size! *Note: These sleeves run tight and will feel more tight than the Strong Elbow Sleeves.
  • Next Level Support! 7 mm thick, Level 4 material for elbow, bicep, tricep, and forearm support throughout the entire pressing movement
  • Ideal for multiple sports + movements! Perfect for powerlifting, STrongman, wrestling, bench press specialists, + bodybuilding movements
  • Lift heavier weights! Maximal compression and stiffness for that extra pop and rebound under tension
  • Reduce your pain! Constant compression + warmth reduces pain from elbow tendonitis/arthritis by increasing blood flow to that area
  • Recover faster! The constant compression reduces swelling to the area of compression during and after training!
  • Recipe for PRs! Xtreme “X” Elbow Sleeves provide optimal stability + warmth so you’re able to hit heavier weights, more reps, and overall more volume and training intensity! More training volume, the more weight you can handle.
  • Provides warmth and support to your elbow, bicep and tricep
  • Alleviates pain while lifting

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